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CTC Associates, Inc. - Toshiba America Electronics Components, Inc.

Toshiba America Electronics Components, Inc., world wide supplier of high quality semiconductor& storage based products, Enterprise Hard Disk Drives (eHDD), ASIC and founder services, microprocessors (ARM, RISC and CISC), SoC Processors, Bluetooth, Wifi (bothstand alone and integrated), Microwave devices (GaAs & GaN), motor driver ICs, Multimediacomponents, Wireless Charging, Low & High Power Mosfets, Diodes, Transistors, optoelectronicsand Logic Devices.

CTC Associates, Inc. - Toshiba Memory America Inc.

Toshiba Memory America Inc., world wide supplier of high quality semiconductor basedproducts, SLC, MLC, BiSC Nand flash, eMMc & UFS Nand, Serial Nand, Enterprise SolidState Disk Drives (eSSD) and Client Solid State Disk Drives (cSSD).

CTC Associates Inc., - AKM Semiconductor, Inc.

AKM Semiconductor, Inc., designs, manufactures and markets advanced mixed-signal integratedcircuits. Delta Sigma audio converters & codecs, spdif Tx/Rx/Tcvers, SRC, and audioeffects DSP w/ & w/o integrated converters - consumer, pro, and automotive markets. Consumer
audio products include piezo, class D, & 2Vrms line out amps. Touch screen controllers,including multi touch resistive. 3 & 6 axis ecompass (magnometers) & Hall Effect sensors.Clock fan out buffers, generators, and synthesizers. Video encoders/decoders & A/V switches,
WLED drivers, LDO's, pin diodes & vericaps.

CTC Associates, Inc. - Excelsys Technologies, An Advanced Energy Co.

Excelsys Technologies, An Advanced Energy Co., designs and manufactures single outputand user configurable modular switch-mode power supplies for the industrial, medical, andhigh reliability markets. Excelsys supplies are extremely flexible AC/DC power solution. Whateveryour output voltage requirements are, from 1 to 12 outputs. Our offerings are both withand without fans. Xgen, UltiMod, CoolX and Xsolo series supplies, Excelsys has a solution.  Wattages from 400 to 1800, that can combined together.

CTC Associates, Inc. - Advanced Energy, High Voltage Products, (UltraVolt & HiTek)

Advanced Energy, High Voltage Products, (UltraVolt & HiTek) is a leading provider of highvoltage power supplies for a wide range of standard and custom OEM applications. Our HiTekPower® and UltraVolt® products range from 62 V to 100 kV at power levels ranging from 100mW to 100 kW. With hundreds of standard products, as well as custom-built power supplies, in
our portfolio of products, options, and accessories.

CTC Associates, Inc. - Flex Power Modules

Flex Power Modules, designs and manufactures a wide range of isolated DC/DC convertersand non-isolated Point of Load (PoL) converters intended primarily, although not exclusively,for the Information and Communications Technology market, including Servers and High-Performance
Computing applications. We also offer specialized power module solutions suitablefor other markets including RFPA, Industrial & Railway.

CTC Associates, Inc. - NIC Components Corp.

NIC Components Corp., in partnership with Nippon Industries Co. Ltd., NIC has been manufacturingand designing passive components for over thirty years. From a core business ofAluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, NIC has expanded its product offering to Tantalum Capacitors,Ceramic Capacitors, DC Film Capacitors, Thick & Thin Film Resistive Products and agrowing line of Power Inductors, Chokes, Ferrite Chip Beads, and RF Components. Along with
communication devices (Antennas, Baluns & Filters), Circuit Protection and UV LEDS.

CTC Associates, Inc. - Fanstel Corp.

Fanstel Corp., designs, supports and manufactures Bluetooth and Wifi modules, utilizingToshiba and Nordic SoCs. Product development includes but not limited to: ARM Cortex A9from Toshiba, ARM7 and Cortex M processors, Digital, analog, RF hardware design,C language, Java, Android OS, Linux OS, iOS and Android apps.

CTC Associates, Inc. - Emerging Power

Emerging Power., provides battery solutions for both Commercial, Medical and Military applicationsusing our U.S. based design engineering, development and technical support necessaryfor your unique battery needs. Emerging Power handles the entire custom designprocess from molds/molding of your plastic case, support in printed circuit board (rigid or flex)design including “smart” SMBus design, battery pack assembly, and full testing capability.

CTC Associates, Inc. - Nidec Copal Electronics Corp.

Nidec Copal Electronics Corp. designs and manufactures electronics components, such as,trimmer & digital potentiometers, switches, rotary & joystick encoders, pressure sensor/switches,Leak sensors, stepping & DC geared motors, brushless DC fans and Micro Blowers.

CTC Associates, Inc. - EVE Energy Co., Ltd.

EVE Energy Co., Ltd. is a leader in development and manufacturing of lithium batteries, includinglithium thionyl chloride (Li/SOCl2) cells, lithium manganese dioxide (Li/MnO2) cells,Lithium rechargeable cells, and can provide customized portable power source solutions and
OEM services. EVE has an experienced R&D team, with more than 20 years experience,many patents and advanced equipments.

CTC Associates, Inc. - Linx Technologies

Linx Technologies manufactures wireless components including antennas, modules, remotecontrols and RF connectors. Our tag line is Wireless Made Simple™, meaning that we specializein making the complex world of radio frequency easy for engineers of all skill levels to use,to achieve Wireless Made Simple.

CTC Associates, Inc. - Enargy Power

Enargy Power., specializes in the design and manufacture of robust, high quality power conversionsystems, Enargy Power carries an incredibly broad range of DC-DC converters andAC-DC power supplies, both standard and customized. Enargy has a full range of fully QualifiedMedical External PS from 36W to 160W

CTC Associates, Inc. - Siber Circuits

Siber Circuits is a prototype and production supplier of printed circuit boards with an excellent blend of experience and new technology with our key personnel having extensive experience in this sector of the market. Siber Circuits provides a broad spectrum of services. From simple low cost double sided boards to high layer count multilayers, we are ready to provide you the premium service our customers have come to expect.

The circuit board business continues to need printed circuit boards built as fast as possible. Our highly trained team provides printed circuit boards in as little as 24 hours delivered anywhere in North America.

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